Achievements of George Soros

Soros is a Hungarian-American businessman and entrepreneur whose passion is creating a free society and quality government for all the people is worth copying He is a well-known investor, philanthropist, political activist and author. He is currently the chairman of the Soros Foundation. Being among the 30 richest people in the world, he is widely known for his profit making activity in the stock industry. He is one of the staunch supporters of the American progressive and the American liberal political causes. Between the year 1979 and 2011, Soros has donated plenty of funds to various philanthropic organizations. He is currently known as one of the Europe’s largest higher education financier. Soros is the founder and the chairman of the open society, due to his hard work and sacrifice, the foundation has achieved partnership in many countries totaling to more than 100. He is committed to creating an open society where the right and ideas of each and every individual are respected. The open society foundations have received much recognition and have in the recent past surpassed other private philanthropic groups.

Soros is renowned for his philanthropy on in 1979 where he helped to fund the education of many black people in South Africa and brought and effect of the ultimate defeat of the apartheid. He assisted in reducing and extermination of communism in the eastern block by providing the Xerox machines to be used in the process. One of his major works that he shall be remembered for is creating the central university to promote critical thinking and expanded his philanthropy to the United States, Africa and other parts of Asia. He has brought justice to the oppressed on by hiring lawyers to defend them and guarantee their freedom even after staying in jail unlawfully for extended periods of time. His passion for the service to the society is worth emulating; he has brought education by funding some of the undermined people in Europe, most of them being Roma, refugees, and young people.

He is one of the people that have helped establish an international system on which brings transparency and accountability to most of the unscrupulous mining industries. Some that have paid bribes to the local tyrants and exploit the resources without the consent of the community have provoked some of the fierce fiascos. His success in the financial market has endowed him with the ability to focus on serving and promoting freedom to most communities in the world.

Services Offered by Brand Reputation Management Companies

With business gone so digital, it is no doubt that companies now realize the importance of online presence management. Particularly, over the internet. Managing brand reputation can be done in-house or these services could be outsourced from a professional. There are many companies that offer brand reputation management services. One of such companies being Reputation Management Fixers.

Such professionals will benefit your company by helping you concentrate on your core business while they take care of your reputation and can even push down negative search results for your business as well. On top of this, this help in reassuring your customers that you are the same excellent company, providing the same excellent products and services. Their expertise helps you not to harm your brand reputation further by not responding to attacks in an irrational manner. And, on top of it all, they help add value to your brand.

The job of this professionals can be categorized into five basic aspects of online reputation management. These brand reputation managers will help you establish and manage a strong social media presence. They will help you set accounts over various social media platforms. Also, they will help you settle on catchy names for your accounts. They will also help you make positive posts and link them back to you. In addition to social media management, they will help you bury down bad PR. If there are any negative articles, comments or posts written on your business, they will have the necessary strategies to bury this down so that your clients don’t land on them.

Additionally, reputation repair services work on helping you manage your reviews. They set up a separate platform where clients can review your products. This prevents clients from having to rush online and write negative articles about you. Besides managing reviews, they will also help track the performance of your brand. They will gather what people have to say about you and help you repair it in time if necessary. Lastly, they will help increase your search engine’s visibility. They will use expert strategies to ensure that your business is among the top rated by different search engines. The importance of this is increasing your business credibility.

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Dick DeVos’ New Acquisition of Distillery

The business world has recently been inundated with stories about billionaire and businessman, Dick DeVos’ new acquisition of a large distillery in northern California. Although Dick DeVos and the DeVos financial group are no strangers to new business acquisitions, this is the first time that DeVos has made any attempt to enter the liquor industry. Many media outlets have devoted entire pieces to the discussion of the implications of this acquisition on behalf of the DeVos Financial Group. Does the acquisition of the distillery on behalf of the Devos Financial Group mean that billionaire will be spending less time in the political arena and more time merging with other companies in the liquor industry? Is this acquisition simply a wise business decision by Dick Devos with no major implications of any further dealings in this industry? A look at a recent interview with David Osio, the new CEO of the Devos Financial Group, combined with a focused study of Dick Devos’ resume and work history may be just the insight business leaders need to decide if this acquisition is the beginning of a significant change in the way the DeVos Financial Group operates.


During an interview with the Associated Press about business industries that Dick DeVos would like to focus on, David Osio gave no hint that the CEO would be looking to purchase property in a distillery. Osio did, however, give the impression that the business world could be witnessing the development of new and diverse mergers and acquisitions by the DeVos Financial Group and joked that he would not be surprised with any direction in which Dick DeVos chose to take the business. By analyzing statements like these, it is possible to conclude that Dick DeVos had been contemplating the diversification of his investments for quite some time before making the final decision regarding the distillery property.

By taking a peek into the businessman’s history of business practices, it is possible to draw an even better conclusion about his decision to enter the distillery market. DeVos is famous for beginning his career at Amway, as the successor the multi-level marketing empire his father had built. After successfully growing this company, DeVos began to make his mark in the local political arena and show his extreme passion for conservative political causes. Though his political involvement, DeVos truly began to express his true nature as a businessman and as a leader. Dick DeVos’ work history shows a pattern that typically reflects his convictions. It can certainly be concluded that DeVos’ acquisition of the distillery was a unique opportunity and cannot emphatically correlate to any future purchases by the company.

The Business Gig Don Ressler

When your recognition hits the top then be sure your planning innovations and effort, have become imperative. It takes so much dedication for a business to start to operate and thrive within the competitive market. With a series of very well operated companies with the likes of Intelligent Beauty and its sub-branches linked to him for their start Don Ressler has become more prevalent in the minds of many young entrepreneurs.

A strategically business prepared mind always has the “gig” which sees through so much. Ressler can very well skive through the activities of his or her enterprise to determine the longevity and survival. Due to his unique see through Ressler was able to seek more capital by selling his business to Intermix Media Company. He later used the funds in a merged business by working together with his fellow business partner Adan Goldenberg. Being a CEO of a company at nineteen years displays the kind of mind Goldenberg was and what lured Ressler in forming an agreement with him. Their treaty gave birth to Alena Media Company.

These two individuals have had a blessed hand in the business industry. They are risk takers and always sure that they have a chance to beat the market and make profits. Despite Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg little frustrations from their older companies Intermix Media they still never minded leaving to seek greener pastures. They believed in their skills and influence in the persons whom they had led. Due to the eager to have an autonomous say over the business operation they had to think broad and later started the DERMSTORE and SENSA firms. The new ventures operated by providing online skincare services and cosmetics. See:

Sources of change

As if that was enough, the company received funding support from the Technology Crossover Ventures of 43million dollars. Due to stability and huge profits these people we able to attract the services of the best executive workers from their earlier employers. After the launch of “JustFab” a newer organization for e-commerce fashions, they employed the likes of Kimora Lee Simmons and Dr. Allan Hirsch. They have since been able to buy many other businesses which in conjunction have enabled them to be among the whistleblowers around the town. Don Ressler has one thing that he hails for his success in business, and that is finding the right partner in business.

How Important Is Your Reputation?

Company leaders and executives list company reputation as one of the most important aspects to consider. A 2013 survey cited by Online Reputation Reviews suggests that reputation as the biggest factor outside of finances, that may pose a risk to companies. While most companies are aware of the damage bar press or a bad reputation can cause, negative reviews and tarnished reputations seem to be more and more frequent in the world of business. Of course not all reviews are credible, but consumers have no way of knowing this, and finances are often affected as a result. When trust is lost, it can be extremely difficult to regain. When a company’s reputation is publicly diminished, it causes nearly irreparable damage to both their business and professional reputation.

The risk of having a blemished reputation is much greater than before. With the increased use of technology, and customers flocking to the internet to gather the opinion of others before doing business with a certain company, it can be difficult to establish the trust of potential clients or customers. Companies also do not have very much ability to monitor the actions of their employees or representatives, or simply address issues as they arise.

Building a reputation for our brand or business can be difficult, but maintain and reestablishing it could be even more of a challenge. In order to maintain an unblemished reputation, company executives mus begin to monitor their reputation just as closely as they monitor their finances. By doing this, they are able to confront and tackle any issues virtually immediately. Companies must also remember, that a good reputation doesn’t come from simply “doing good business”. A good reputation is established through trust and consistency.


Lovaganza Formal Anticipated Celebrations

Information on Lovaganza

The plans and protocols of Lovaganza will take place in two different structures. One structure is about profit-making, and it is called Lovaganza entertainment franchise. The structure targets at offering entertainment internationally to give inspiration. It also provides wonder to the people of the world and provides a way of identifying all the cultures in the world and the nations. The main aim of the lovaganza foundation is to use the success and visibility of the Lovaganza entertainment franchise to offer positive influence while assisting international and all regional initiatives in the world.

Lovaganza foundation is known as the mother of all the foundations. The founders of the organization aim at giving equality in life for the nations. Despite the rescheduling of the festival, the organizers are ready to take responsibility for providing balanced services. The events that are organized by the Lovaganza Foundation are targeting the modern technology. The organization on monitors all the firms that provide appreciation and awareness of the rich origins that every community or culture gives.

The plans of Lovaganza celebrations

The Lovaganza international celebrations will take place in May to September 2020. The events will be held continuously in eight leading regions around the sphere. The festival will include all types of entertainment from different cultures on the earth, exhibitions, and live performances. The events will operate under the subject of boarding on the bohemian adventure everywhere in the world.

The reason for pushing the Lovaganza events to 2020 is to give room for thorough preparation for better results. The time will allow good use of the new technologies and include new cutting-edge ideas. The ideas will base on realizing the best experience of practicing the different types of cultures in the world. The celebration that will take place in four months will be in America, Oceania regions, Europe, and Africa, in the Middle East, Asia.

The festival will be promoted by the traveling show that will start in 2017. There will be a release of three main moving pictures that will be showing on a 3 D glass. It will be an immersive experience all over the world. The original footage of the films is taking place in countries like France, Spain, India and few countries in the rest of the world. The films trilogy will be shown on the day of Lovaganza. It will be new cinematic experience produced by the old Cinerama.

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How to Win with Wen By Chaz

Certainly, the average woman is obsessed with her hair and finding just the right hair care products to keep her hair looking healthy and bouncy. Hairstylist like Chaz Dean realize this fact and create products that are designed to make hair stronger and beautiful. Most people are familiar with the Wen by Chaz infomercials that appear on television. They are an introduction to the Cleansing Conditioner created by Chaz Dean. Well, one woman decided to actually test the Cleansing Conditioner on her own fine, limp hair. She shared her real results with readers in an article featured on Bustle.
Wen By Chaz Test

The Cleansing Conditioner is actually an all in one shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling treatment. Certainly, this sounds like a winning situation. Ditch the excess products and concentrate on one product exclusively. The article was actually more of a pictorial that showed the dramatic results on her hair. She selected the fig version of the Cleansing Conditioner because it was best suited for her hair type. Well, clearly her hair went through a very dramatic transformation. The Cleansing Conditioner appeared to work incredible magic on her lifeless hair. The end result was shiny, bouncy hair with plenty of body.

Wen By Chaz Dean

The WEN By Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner is receiving amazing reviews across the country. The product was created by well known Hollywood hair-stylist, Chaz Dean. He designed the product to add shine and brilliance to damaged hair. The Cleansing Conditioner is a perfect replacement for several hair care products used regularly by women.

The Cleansing Conditioner is the next step in great hair care. It is a revolutionary system that includes only natural ingredients that are designed to cleanse and condition the hair without using any harsh chemicals. The Cleansing Conditioner is the same product used in Chaz Dean’s Hollywood salon. Wen Cleansing Conditioner products are Sephora available. It can also be bought online from the Amazon website.

For more info, visit the Wen website


The U.S. Money Reserve Is This Year’s Bronze Winner Of the Telly Awards

The U.S. Money Reserve has been chosen as the Bronze winner of the Telly Awards during the 37th Annual Telly Awards titled “Philip Diehl IRA.” The spot highlighted 401k and IRA plans available for employee pension and health savings as some of the reasons for the award.

The U.S. Government regulates the U.S. Money Reserve, and the IRS permits its operations. The Gold Standard IRA allows individuals to transfer money into precious metals with no tax charged to them to allow Americans to safeguard their wealth and financial future through gold.

The Telly Council, the overseeing and judging body comprises of top industrial professionals mainly the past winners drawn from all the 50 states and five continents.

Every institution, corporation or agency competes against the highest standards of excellence. The selection of U.S. Money Reserve as the Bronze winner was a remarkable creative achievement which shows the commitment of the agency to serve its clients.

Telly Awards was founded in 1979 and is the premier award that honors outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials. The winners in the category represent the best of television stations, advertising agencies, cable operators, and corporate departments around the world.

The reason many people prefer gold and other precious metals to safeguard their wealth is based on the stability in prices and scarcity of the precious metals. People are increasingly losing trust with paper currencies because they become worthless as soon as government collapse. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

History has proven that paper currencies lose value in volatile times, and gold tends to rise in value during the volatile times. In the world of today, there is much happening that can devalue the strength of currencies including terrorism, immigration, civil war in Syria, and the geopolitical tensions between Russia and the U.S. Investors understand that gold price is not at the mercy of the governments.

Instead, its value is driven by its scarcity. Since great depression, gold has been a major player in the changes of the economies and it is now increasingly been used by the Eastern countries to serve as their reserve currency. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Soros is an example of an investor who has lost confidence in the way the governments manage the paper money. He recently predicted the imminent fall of China’s economy amid the rising level of debt which surpasses the equity levels in the country.

According to Soros, the situation in China resembles what happened before 2007/08 financial crisis when the U.S. recorded rise in debt levels.

Securus Press Release Slams GTL

Securus Technologies is a major provider of technological support to security firms and law enforcement agencies. Recently the company leveled criticism against one of its competitors in the industry. This company has been accused multiple times of wrongdoing in its business practices.

Global Tel-Link is a carrier that provides phone service to inmates in various correctional facilities. While this necessary service benefits prisoners, families, and prison staff in many ways there are also many drawbacks. The most prominent is that prison service industries like this go largely unregulated. Global Tel-Link has been accused of taking advantage of this fact by using unethical methods to gauge it’s customers, primarily the families of inmates. Due to the highly rigid nature of in-person visits these people have little alternative if they wish to keep in regular contact with their loved ones while they are incarcerated

Securus Technologies has responded to the complaints by condemning these practices as unauthorized and unethical. A recent press release condemned Global Tel-Link publicly, citing public investigations that accused the company of inflating customer rates, violated tariff minimums, and tampered with clocks to add anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes onto a call record. Spokesmen from Securus claimed that such practices harm the entire industry and promised to issue regular press releases on the subject in an effort to force it’s competitor to improve its business practices.

Susan McGalla Keen on Inspiring Women to Pursue Corporate Careers

Today, women have become equally as successful as men (if not more) in various professional fields. Despite this, many women are still in the dark when it comes to taking practical measures required to become successful in their careers. Even boardrooms are not immune from gender inequality. There are numerous cases of inequality and payment discrepancies that continue to plague women in the corporate world. Many steps have been taken by the government and NGOs to curb these drawbacks and create a level playing field. Source:

Women are characteristically known for their superb personality and ability to multitask, two skills that are quite helpful in the corporate world. These skills are also essential for entrepreneurs looking to start their own ventures. Today, the business world has several powerful women like Susan McGalla who have managed to wrestle their way into boardrooms and executive positions using sheer determination.

Role Models

Women executives like Susan McGalla have been able to pave the way for more women to follow suit and fill various positions in the corporate sector. These women exude innate academic, personality and practical skills that are essential to sustain their positions in the top echelon of the corporate sector.

Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting LLC that is located in Pittsburgh. She is also The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. She has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise operating in the clothing and retail sectors with over 30 years of experience.

Susan McGalla’s Work Background

Susan McGalla began her career working for Joseph Horne Company. She worked at the company from the year 1986 to 1994. Her next appointment was at American Eagle Outfitters. At the company, McGalla worked hard and stood her ground when it came to work ethics and gender profiling. Soon enough, her commitment paid off when she rose up the ranks to become the Chief Merchandising Officer and President of the company.

Susan McGalla later left American Eagle Outfitters to start her private consultancy firm. She specialized with retail industries and financial investments. In 2011, she conceded to Wet Seal who had incessantly coaxed her to join on as CEO. However, she later left the company to pursue her consulting career.

Today, Susan McGalla’s industry experiences have allowed her to rub shoulders with, and attract, notable personalities in the retail and finance sectors. Many people seek her advice and guidance on matters like talent management, marketing, branding and product promotion. She is also a key advocate of women’s rights in the corporate world. She inspires women to pursue their careers.