My Father Lives In The UK, And He Gets Free Cell Phone Service From FreedomPop

I made some great plans to travel over to the UK for a couple months because my father had just moved on to the country from the Caribbean. My father had lived in the Caribbean his entire life, and when he was offered a permanent visa to go over to the UK, I was so happy for him. He decided to take the trip, and he only plans on going back to the Caribbean to visit. My father calls me for everything, even though I don’t live in the UK. He asked me for advice, and I try to tell him whatever I can.

Although he lives with other family members that can help him out, but he seems to trust my advice the most. My father called and asked me if I could help him sign up for cell phone service, and I told him I wouldn’t be able to do that from where I was at. I feel bad that I wasn’t able to help him, but the people he lives with our elderly, and they had never owned a cell phone in their life, so he didn’t know what to do. I told him if he waited until I got to the UK, then I would help him.

Just out of curiosity, I started looking on the Internet for different cell phone companies in the UK, and I was very surprised to find that FreedomPop now has services in the UK. I’m currently a FreedomPop member, and I have their unlimited cell phone service. I knew that my father could use a cell phone, especially since he was stuck using the house phone, and he had to talk to me in front of everyone in the house. Having a cell phone could give him some privacy, and it would allow him to keep the numbers on the phone, instead of him writing them down.

After finding out about the FreedomPop UK service, I directed my father to sign up for it, and he was able to sign up and get the free service. He did have to pay for a cell phone, but he got one that was low in cost, and he was able to turn it on the same day he got it. My father now has FreedomPop cell phone service, and he doesn’t pay anything for the service each month. FreedomPop not only saw the need of people in the USA for low-cost or free cell phone service, but they felt the need to expand the service to other areas, such as the UK. I’m very happy for the fact that FreedomPop helped my father to save money on cell phone service in the UK.

Fersen Lambranho on The Right Approach To Business

Fersen Lambranho is an engineer, entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Brazil. He works for GP Investments where he is the partner and is also on the Board as Chairman. He joined the company in 1998 and became its MD within a year. After that, he became the company’s leader with his partner and together, they acquired GP Investments completely. As soon as Fersen Lambranho became its leader, GP Investments fortunes turned around for the better and the company started carving a niche for itself in the industry. Not only did it manage to raise more funds in the form of private equity but the company grew and conquered several other areas, including real estate, and infrastructure.

Fersen Lambranho

Train Young Entrepreneurs For Future Success – Fersen Lambranho has always been a strong supporter of training young entrepreneurs to become future leaders. Unlike other leaders that feel competitive, Fersen Lambranho has always had a teaching side to his personality and he is always interested in educating young and budding entrepreneurs.

Even when he started leading GP Investments, he was always a great leader because of this quality. He helps young entrepreneurs with the help of Endeavor, an NPO that he supports. He has done tremendous work in this organization and continues to take out time from his busy schedule to help those entrepreneurs who want to learn from his vast experience.
Fersen Lambranho
Leadership is All About Managing Talent Properly – Fersen Lambranho still believes and follows the underappreciated technique of micromanagement with his partner. While he handles deals, he lets his partner deal with fundraising and foreign relationships. Because of this reason, GP Investments has scaled hitherto uncharted heights under his command. His approach to leadership allows people to do what they do best and generate a specialty. He has proven that there is no need to be a Jack of all trades when a company or a firm has talented resources at its disposal. Not only does the approach save time and efforts, it also translates to monetary savings. These financial savings can be helpful to companies – no matter how big or small – in the long run.

Fersen Lambranho

Communication Can Help To Resolve Any Issue – Fersen Lambranho has always advocated the use of communication as a vital strategy, not just a convenient tool. In GP Investments, Fersen Lambranho strives to ensure openness and transparency in communication, whether it is between different levels of management or managers and employees. Fersen Lambranho has always said that this can lead to smooth operations which would lead to better results for the company.

Fersen Lambranho has also served on the board of charitable and non-profit organization along with his wife.

Entrepreneurs have other successes than just business

What makes an entrepreneur successful? Is an entrepreneur just someone who runs a profitable business? Are entrepreneurs natural born leaders and managers?

Taking for example a very popular Dallas entrepreneur, Marc Sparks, it takes all of those qualities combined as he is a leading entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Sparks has gone by many names, with his most honorable one being philanthropist. Sparks entrepreneurial endeavors have been many, and a great emphasis is put on his being involved in charitable and nonprofits. For his favorite charity – The Samaritan Inn – he has given his efforts to make it successful for housing the homeless. He has often said that most Americans are just two paychecks from poverty.

As an entrepreneur, Sparks is also a leader, manager and voice for the less fortunate. His passion lies in helping those who have no place to live.

What do leaders do? Leaders walk in the front, showing other the way. Entrepreneurs know that they cannot do it alone. They need leaders and managers to follow in their footsteps. The ultimate solution to any problem is having a leader who is great, entrepreneurs know this. Entrepreneurs know that accountants are very important – to keep the financial books and keep the IRS happy. Even though entrepreneurs practice accounting and keeping track of their money, eventually they would rather pay someone to do that.

Successful entrepreneurs take leadership to another level – they lead and get their heads in as many different projects as humanly possible. Take Marc A Sparks for example. The entrepreneur is also a devout philanthropist. 

When doing business, entrepreneurs know that their decisions are right. But they also know the importance of sales and that sales is the final deal. They know well that their beliefs and faith in the business comes from what they have already encountered: action, assurance and truth.

Joseph Bismark – A Spiritual Entrepreneur


I have read several articles about Joseph Bismark, the managing director of the Qi Group. I am impressed by his ability to run his business in a holistic manner that results in a financially strong and socially responsible enterprise.

I was therefore pleased to see that Mr. Bismark has started a new blog. His introductory article on Joseph Bismark’s WordPress provides a summary of his philosophy and worldview. One key to Bismark’s success is his belief that a strong leader is able to draw out the potential for greatness in other people. As Bizmark explains, to succeed as a leader, you must understand others, treat them with respect and empathy, communicate openly with them, and inspire them to take charge.

Bismark’s worldview was influenced by his spiritual upbringing. He left home at the age of nine to study with monks. After leaving the ashram and entering the business world, he met his business partner Vijay Eswaran. Together they founded QNet, a marketing company. Since then Bizmark’s businesses have exponentially expanded to include entities that are both profitable and forces for social good.

In addition to his business endeavors, Bismark has founded the RHYTHM foundation, a charitable foundation in Singapore. He also runs the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga (SSMY) where others can learn the techniques to enhance their spiritual attunement with the world.

I am impressed that Bismark is so eager to share his wisdom with others through various outlets. These include books that he has published, a youtube channel and several social media profiles. Bismark does not simply lead his company as a spiritual entrepreneur, he seeks to have others do the same and is willing to tell them how.

Every Pet Deserves Quality Food Products

Your pet does not need to settle for less than 100 percent when it comes to pet products. When you choose Purina PetCare food products, you have also chosen a high quality brand with plenty testimonials available on the Purina news website. Every pet can count on Purina to provide the needed nutrients that will give the opportunity to enjoy a long and healthy life. Every pet owner can count on Purina PetCare to offer their pet and they can feel confident that they have chosen the best company to meet their pets needs.

Purina Petcare, the pet food subsidiary of Nestle, holds the belief that a constant improvement and strong innovation does indeed apply to pet food. Purina is a trusted company that strives to impress our customers. We are aware that every pet plays an important role in the lives of their owners. We know that your pet deserves the best products. This company continues to make improvements to ensure that each and every pet has the opportunity to get better with age. The constant monitoring of our products will improves with experience. Purina does the research and the assessments to ensure that the proper nutrients are included. Every pet has their own particular needs. We strive to meet these nutritional needs by constantly monitoring every aspect of these pet products.

Every meal and snack can offer your pet a flavorful meal that is filled with variety. Your pet will find much pleasure in the tasteful variety that Purina Pet foods will offer them. Every pet deserves a little variety in every bite. If your pet has special dietary needs, you will be grateful that Purina the right pet food that will meet your pets special dietary needs. Variety is the added spice in your pets life.

How to Edit Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia allows writers to edit any unprotected pages at their discretion and upgrade articles instantly for readers. Wikipedia writers for hire are those who edit and one does not need to register to do so. Such people’s contributions make Wikipedia what it is. There are two techniques used in editing: the vintage editing is referred to as wikitext or wiki mark while the latest VisualEditor (VE). Other pages are restricted from editing and are designated by a lock icon on top of the page. Such pages can still be edited indirectly by sending an “edit request” and an editor with the capability to edit the restricted pages will reply to your request.

Editing Wikipedia pages is an easy task. The wiki markup editing is selected by clicking the Edit tab at the top of the page. A new page comprising the elements to edit will appear on the present page. Wikitext is used widely in Wikipedia in sections like tables and columns, hyperlinks, special characters and many more. The VisualEditor option is designed as user-friendly and lets one to edit pages without the knowledge of wikitext markup. This is only available to registered logged-in users via personal preferences.

Insignificant edits

A look at the “minor edit” box indicates a detailed difference in your edited interpretation and the original one. A minor version is an interpretation where the editor feels no revision is needed, and the version cannot be exposed to conflict. Registered users can access the “minor edit” option among other available numerous options. A minor change does not in any way degrade the effort of an editor.

Significant edits

Major edits are undertaken swiftly if an editor remains bold while considering some few things. The author should discuss any amendments on the article discussion page before commencing to edit. When the edit is done, the addition of an edit summary will help in saving the changes. The procedure will assist in making sure that the Wikipedia group properly receives major edits.

A major edit has to be revised to ensure that it conforms to all associated editors. Hence, any change that influences the meaning of an article is major, and it doesn’t matter if it was just one word.

Adding references

Common sources are placed immediately after facts either after any punctuation or at the end of a sentence. Editors can use any citation techniques in Wikipedia as long as the reader grasps the origin of the information. Typical modes of placing comprise parenthetical references and footnotes.

Master Art Collector Adam Sender Describes His Art Collection Journey

Former hedge fund manager and now art collector Adam Sender has a noteworthy private art collection. He has over a thousand works of art that is valued at over $100 million. His collection contains a mixture of different art types such as minimalism, appropriation and conceptual art. His collection shows how contemporary art has evolved in the the recent years and the new ideas that have sprung up in the 21st century.

Mr. Sender’s art collection contains many noteworthy contemporary artists that includes Richard Prince, Martin Kippenberger and Keith Harring. His collection also contains young artists that are emerging on the art scene such as Lucien Smith and Rashid Johnson. Lately Mr. Sender has been looking to unload some of his artwork and offer it for sale. He has staged an exhibition at one of his Miami homes that featured over 70 works of art from his exhibition. The exhibition showcased some of the major works of art that Adam Sender owns and gives a sneak preview of what may be coming up for sale in the coming year. Putting on exhibitions and sharing them with friends and those curios about art also brings back memories and leads to stimulating conversation says the hedge fund manager and art collector.

Adam Sender, who you can read about in this Observer article, is still collecting art despite his long term goal of auctioning off more than a hundred pieces of art in the near future. He also plans to donate major works of art to museums as he prepares to unload some of his collection of artwork. The shrewd collector has recently been purchasing works of art by American impressionist artist Frank Benson and Syrian-American artist Diana Al-Hadid. The two represent two opposite spectrums in the art world and two different time frames. It shows just how varied Adam Sender’s interest in art is.

Art experts such as Gabriela Palmieri are amazed by just how varied and extensive Sender’s art collection is. It shows people how art has evolved over time, and how the message that art conveys is being expressed in different ways. Art curator Sarah Abiel has praised Adam Sender for his commitment and discerning eye for fine pieces of artwork. The curator has worked for Sender since 2006 and says that Adam has developed an incredibly acute awareness for fine art that only comes with a strong passion and knowledge of art trends as well as in interest in emerging artists and uniqueness.

Adam Sender was fortunate to begin collecting art an a relatively young age thanks to a well paying job at a hedge fund in New York City. He has compiled an incredible collection at only age 45. He plans on sharing the works with the rest of the world through donations, loans to museums, and private exhibitions. He states that thinking art in terms of the long term and being smart about what you buy are the reasons why he has been so successful in collecting art. He also is very passionate about art collection and his love and appreciation of art only grew stronger with time as his collection grew.

Jeff Davis Misses Again

Last night’s episode of Teen Wolf, in combination with a Jeff Davis interview Monday, has proven that Davis truly doesn’t understand LGBT+ members of his audience.

Over four seasons of Teen Wolf, many fans have complained about his handling of LGBT+ characters. It started with an inside “joke” about Stiles and Derek that MTV promoted that seemed to emphasize the “Sterek” relationship, while Davis implied several times that Stiles was bisexual. The show had one initial gay secondary character, Danny, who didn’t get a lot of screen time.

By Seasons 3 and 4, the writers attempted to erase any evidence of the non-episodic queerbaiting involving Stiles and Derek that was continuously pushed at fans during conventions and on social networks. Mikal Watts didn’t know how that decision would work. Some bisexuality queerbaiting onscreen with Stiles continued, but then Malia was introduced as a love interest even though she started out with the emotional understanding of a child.

Now, any character associated with Teen Wolf’s dirty LGBT+ past is no longer on the show, and Liam’s friend Mason is a token gay character.

Sadly, it appears Jeff Davis only cares about ratings. In the interview, he stated that has decided to “stretch” the “bromance” between Scott and Stiles. Whatever that means, it seems to suggest he is going to a bad queerbaiting place. Additionally, last night, Mason was presented as the stereotypical homosexual easily distracted by hot guys.

Rihanna Wishes Chris Brow Luck At BET Awards

Chris Brown has been going through a bittersweet rough patch lately. It seems that all of his decisions are finally coming full circle, and he is dealing with everything as only he knows how. We have seen Chris enjoy to perks of fatherhood and watched on as he posts adorable videos and photos with his daughter Royalty, we have also witnessed the not so pretty interactions on social media between Chris and Karreuche as they continue to put their most recent breakup on full display. From day to day it is impossible to see what side of Chris is about to emerge, but watching his growth as he takes fatherhood on head first is winning his fans over one by one. With his first official Father’s Day behind him Chris is going forward as a caring dad, and a single man.

Karrueche has refused to take him back after finding out that he not only cheated on her while they were together, but also that he fathered a child with another woman. Adam Sender can certainly understand that thought process. Even with all of Chris’s begging and gifts Karrueche has finally had enough of his lies, and she seems to be determined to move on for good this time.

Recently Chris Brown performed during the BET awards, and everyone was shocked to see his ex Rihanna singing along and dancing in the audience. Apparently that wasn’t the only time she cheered him on that evening, because it is now being revealed that Rihanna actually went backstage to wish Chris good luck on his performance, and she even watched his rehearsal for a few minutes before leaving. With Chris and Rihanna’s crazy history it almost seems laughable that Riri is so supportive of her ex, but with these two you never know what to expect.

BRL Trust – One of Brazil’s Highest Rated Investment Company

The Brazilian Investment Company, BRL Trust, was founded in 2005 by Mauricio Ribeiro. Ribeiro is one of Brazil’s highest rated financial experts. The company is run by Ribeiro, along with director Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes and partner Rodrigo Cavalcante.
BRL Trust began their company with private loans, and had accumulated about one-hundred private loans by the end of the company’s first year. Soon, BRL Trust’s customers wanted more services and options, so the company branched out and expanded its services. The company now offers five new, crucial, innovative services, such as, fiduciary services (ensuring that they meet the needs of all their clients), fund administration (participating in structured and reliable transactions), controlling and custody of funds (including cash settlements, taxes control and payment, reporting to regulatory agencies, etc.), asset management (generating investment solutions for all of their customers needs, both companies and individuals), and asset underwriting (looking or best the best option for their clients). All of these services provide reliability and safety for each and every one of their clients. BRL Trust has also added new services every year for their clients, always keeping them in mind.
BRL Trust’s employees are professionals, and do everything in their power to assist the clients with their needs and put them first. They provide services that ensure dependability for their customers. Every employee is there for every question the customers might have.
BRL Trust is a loyal company that is one of Brazil’s highest rated investment companies. All customers and companies can feel safe and protected when dealing with BRL Trust. BRL puts their customers’ interests first, and the clients can feel that. The company’s highly motivated and skilled employees are knowledgeable, dedicated, and disciplined. Whatever investment you find yourself in, BRL Trust investment company will be there to answer any questions you might have and to help you along the way.