Susan McGalla Keen on Inspiring Women to Pursue Corporate Careers

Today, women have become equally as successful as men (if not more) in various professional fields. Despite this, many women are still in the dark when it comes to taking practical measures required to become successful in their careers. Even boardrooms are not immune from gender inequality. There are numerous cases of inequality and payment discrepancies that continue to plague women in the corporate world. Many steps have been taken by the government and NGOs to curb these drawbacks and create a level playing field. Source:

Women are characteristically known for their superb personality and ability to multitask, two skills that are quite helpful in the corporate world. These skills are also essential for entrepreneurs looking to start their own ventures. Today, the business world has several powerful women like Susan McGalla who have managed to wrestle their way into boardrooms and executive positions using sheer determination.

Role Models

Women executives like Susan McGalla have been able to pave the way for more women to follow suit and fill various positions in the corporate sector. These women exude innate academic, personality and practical skills that are essential to sustain their positions in the top echelon of the corporate sector.

Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting LLC that is located in Pittsburgh. She is also The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. She has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise operating in the clothing and retail sectors with over 30 years of experience.

Susan McGalla’s Work Background

Susan McGalla began her career working for Joseph Horne Company. She worked at the company from the year 1986 to 1994. Her next appointment was at American Eagle Outfitters. At the company, McGalla worked hard and stood her ground when it came to work ethics and gender profiling. Soon enough, her commitment paid off when she rose up the ranks to become the Chief Merchandising Officer and President of the company.

Susan McGalla later left American Eagle Outfitters to start her private consultancy firm. She specialized with retail industries and financial investments. In 2011, she conceded to Wet Seal who had incessantly coaxed her to join on as CEO. However, she later left the company to pursue her consulting career.

Today, Susan McGalla’s industry experiences have allowed her to rub shoulders with, and attract, notable personalities in the retail and finance sectors. Many people seek her advice and guidance on matters like talent management, marketing, branding and product promotion. She is also a key advocate of women’s rights in the corporate world. She inspires women to pursue their careers.

The Search Fixers Will Restore Your Business’s Good Name


There are a vast array of ways for businesses to present themselves to their respective customer bases today. Unfortunately, a majority of the businesses that are in existence today aren’t necessarily maximizing the utilities, tools and services that are available for them to take advantage of. What is the point of operating a business if you are not striving to maximize your profits? By utilizing all of the valuable tools, equipment, and services that are available to you, you will only be positioning yourself to potentially generate a greater amount of profits.

Let’s begin with the reputation aspect of running a business. The higher qualities of products and/or services you provide to your respective customer base, the better reputation you will would be building for yourself. Unfortunately, mistakes do occur at times, and in an even more unfortunate circumstance, the customer(s) may be so dissatisfied with their acquired results of your products and/or services that they may decide to report their experience(s), whether their report(s) are conducted in an “in-person” platform or online is solely dependent on their preference/mode of posting/delivery. If your company has what we may call a “bad mark” on it due to one unfortunate scenario and you find yourself needing to fix bad online repuation, it is highly recommended for you to acquire the services of online reputation management named The Search Fixers.

An online reputation management company will assist you in clearing up any “bad marks” your business may have derived from a mistake or unfortunate circumstance. By contacting one of the reputation management consultants, you will set yourself up to potentially erase the negative comment(s)/review(s)/feedback that may have been left in pertinence to the specific product(s) and/or service(s) you may have provided. Sometimes, a company does everything within their means to ensure the product(s) and/or service(s) they do provide are in the greatest quality/condition in the delivery stage, but the customer still ends up being unsatisfied with what they have received. It is not necessarily possible to make everybody happy, but it is really bad when their unhappiness turns into your business having attained a worse reputation than prior to serving the unhappy customer(s) in particular. Contact The Search Fixers to have your name cleared and fix bad search results.

Beneful Food Varieties: Picks of the Day

Beneful is a dog food production line owned by Nestle Purinastore Petcare. The pet food product line was introduced 15 years ago. The brand is known to be nutritious and contain some healthy ingredients, such as, real meat, vegetables and other highly nutritious food ingredients. Beneful offers over 30 varieties of pet food on Walmart supermarkets in various categories including dry dog foods, wet dog foods and dog treats. Here are some of the top picks across all Beneful categories.

Beneful Originals with Real Salmon

This food variety is most suitable for adult dogs. Not only is it nutritious but it also has a really great taste. The variety is made by blending of real salmon into whole grains, creating a healthy delicacy for your adult dog.

Beneful Chopped Blends

This is one of the most popular varieties in Beneful’s wet food category. offers two types of chopped blends. One contains of beef, barley, carrots and peas. The other contains brown rice, turkey, spinach and sweet potatoes. With the impressive appearance, your dog will come running to eat the chopped blends. This is a delicacy that any dog will be eager to eat at any time. Just buy Beneful Chopped blends and you no longer have to trouble yourself, forcing your dog to eat.

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

The healthy smile dental ridges varieties are made such that they are savory as well as healthy for your dogs. Your dogs can enjoy these treats without you having to worry about tartar and plaque build-up. There are different treats for dogs of different ages. All your dogs whether puppies or adults can enjoy these treats.

Healthy Smile Dental Twists

Finding healthy treats for your dog is never an easy affair. However, healthy smile dental twists seem to be the solution. These treats are creatively developed by Beneful to encompass healthy ingredients and at the same time have the sweet taste of treats.

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Fabletics Gets Talked Up In Marie Claire

Someone who is trying to make the most of their clothing options can go with athleisure in the modern day. There are a lot of people who would love to have easier clothes to wear, and that is why Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson. She wanted to appeal to the mom who has to get a lot of things done during the day, but she knows that all these women do not have time to mess with clothes. The clothes that they buy need to be modular, and she actually just puts all her clothing options in her gym bag.

Kate Hudson can leave the house with her gym clothes on form Fabletics, but they can put on different clothes as she goes about her day. That means that she will be able to change in a second, and she will be in much better shape when she has more than one appointment in a day. Women who are trying to save time can just toss on clothes from Fabetics that they kept in their bags, and that means that they will be able to get the look they want without feeling like they only wore gym clothes out of the house.

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Someone who is planning to save a lot of time needs to make sure that they put all their different kinds of clothes in one bag, and then they need to make sure that they have all the colors and styles that will work for them during the day. They can go out shopping with their friends, and they can go to lunch even though they have put on clothes over their gym clothes. Fabletics is a perfect system for a woman who want to look her best, and it is a system that requires almost no effort at all for the woman.

Securus Finds the Perfect Fit for Analytical Data Tools

Data analytical tools are everywhere. People seem to have a desire to use these tools in a plethora of different environments. It is not uncommon, for example, for stores to use the analytical video cameras to analyze how much time people have been standing in line. This allows businesses to channel what type of marketing can be done to lure impulse buyers that are waiting to checkout. In the prison system there is also a need for analytical data. Securus has recognized this, and according to PR Newswire’s report, the company has made it possible for prison systems to track the movements of people inside of a prison as well.
There is a logic to this that is found inside of the THREADS program that was created by Securus. I know that there is video footage of inmates inside of the prisons, but the footage doesn’t really tell the whole story. I know that inmates are sneaky. Sometimes it takes a further analysis of the situation to get a grip on what is really happening inside the prison. The analytical data can help investigators get a hold on fraternization. This software can also help prevent riots when previous riot footage is analyzed through THREADS.

This program has been around for a while, but says there is a new buzz that is circulating about it. That buzz is linked to the upgrade to THREADS 3.1. There are some upgraded features to the software that have made it easier for investigators to get their work done. The program is faster and it is collects data in a much more efficient way.

I think that Securus is one of the most effective law enforcement technology companies because the developers here think outside of the box. I have seen many cookie cutter companies that are simply duplicating what someone else has done with the Department of Corrections software. Securus, however, strikes me as different. This is a company that has managed to ride on the pioneering end of the spectrum. That is what has taken this company to another level. It has become the organization that people are looking to for the next great invention in the data tools for prison systems. That is why there is a lot of interest in what this company is doing. It has gone above and beyond what other companies are doing. Securus Technologies is a leader is analytical data software for prison systems.

George Soros Has Proposed Strategies For Assisting the Ukraine

An Important Issue of Global Concern

Recent political upheavals in the Ukraine have assumed a significant place among civic and international issues that attract the concern of George Soros Ukraine. The successful financier and retired investment banker during 2015 wrote extensively about ways to revitalize democratic processes within Eastern Europe. He proposed steps that leaders in the European Union might take to encourage the continuation of economic reforms within the Ukraine, despite Russian aggression against that nation’s elected government.

A Pitch For Economic Support

In Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?, George Soros argued that the European Union’s leadership had not taken a sufficiently firm stand against Russia in terms of the economic sanctions under consideration. Instead of merely launching financial measures to punish the Russian government, he argued, the EU should also adopt proactive steps to assist Ukraine financially. He expressed the hope that working to enact changes that reduced the level of political corruption within the Ukraine might also inspire a similar reform movement within Russia itself.

Mr. George Soros spent some time visiting the Ukraine to appreciate conditions within that nation. He drew upon his experiences there in formulating suggestions for ways that leaders in the European Union and other developed nations might best assist the process of Ukrainian civic reforms. In his view, the large Eastern European nation represents a vitally important asset for the Eu, one that European officials should not discount. He urged greater spending in support of the Ukraine during its period of tension with the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine

George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

A Pivotal German Role

Although Mr. Soros urged leaders in many countries to consider ways in which the EU might assist Ukraine in maintaining key reforms, during 2015 he portrayed Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel as holding a pivotal role in carrying the process of much-needed economic reforms forward. Although critical of many of her decision, he did credit her restraint during the height of severely strained relations between the Ukraine and Russia with dampening military tensions in the region, noting that pursuing a successful strategy for the entire region did require supporting military and political stability.

On the other hand, George Soros in his writing also voiced concern during 2015 that the leadership of the European Union, and Germany in particular, should prioritize the crisis impacting the Ukraine very highly. He viewed Russia’s resurgent brand of nationalism and its aggression against the Ukraine as a form of attack on the EU itself. He expressed the hope that Europeans would “wake up” and appreciate this threat. The possibility that the struggling Ukrainian reform movement might fail, and along with it European resolve to oppose undemocratic aggression, concerned him greatly.

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How To Grow a Beautiful Beneful Pup

Have you ever felt as if your dog is just another part of the family? That is because he is! When I adopted my first puppy named Kiba, I felt as if I had just become a mother who wanted her child to receive nothing but the best. Thanks to  Wal-Mart for selling Purina’s Beneful products for dogs, I was able to provide my pup with the wholesome quality and delicious flavors of dog food while still being on a tight budget.
I first started Kiba off by feeding him Beneful’s dry dog food, particularly that of the Healthy Puppy and Playful Life varieties. The Healthy Puppy variety is specifically formulated to help with the development of the growing puppy’s brain and vision. In addition, the Playful Life variety is rich with protein and other nutrients necessary to aid in the functioning of your dog’s muscles. When swapping them out, both varieties help to ensure that your puppy will grow healthy and strong.

When Kiba was about six months old, he started to lose interest in his repetitive dry food meals. Something tells me that family members slipping him food under the table may have been to blame for this. That is when I got the brilliant idea of purchasing Beneful’s wet dog food ( to mix with the dry food. To my surprise, not only were there many flavors to choose from, but the wet food also contained many ingredients that I could easily recognize when looking through the clear, plastic trays. Just a handful of these ingredients were chicken, peas, sweet potatoes, barley, turkey, carrots, and brown rice all mixed in a thick gravy. As I suspected, Kiba fell in love with the “human food” ingredients as he devoured every piece of the dry food hidden underneath.

Beneful also offers a great selection of dog treats ( and bones. If you want a quick “Scooby snack” for your pup, there are several flavors of bite-sized cookie-like treats that suit any dog of any size. Last but not least, let us not forget about dental hygiene. Thankfully Beneful is also sold on Amazon, they offer Healthy Smile bones that are designed with ridges to help reduce plague, tarter buildup, and bad breath. Now, Kiba and all other pups out there can feel as if they are being spoiled while having their mouths cleaned at the same time. So whether you are looking for a nutritious dog food plan or a secretive dental cleaning, Beneful will provide you with a large variety of products to suit your dog’s needs.

Is Thor Halvorssen In Dichotomy?

Most socialist regimes start off with well-meaning revolutionaries trying to get positive change for abused masses. Everyone’s got good intentions; they want to feed the poor and give all people an equal footing. The problem with this utopian ideal is: reality. In reality, people are people, and will abuse power when they can acquire it. By putting the reigns of government in the hands of bureaucrats with essentially nothing better in life to occupy them, the worst possible atrocities become possible. The true bureaucrat looks at human beings as numbers, and treats them as such. That’s what Stalin did, that’s what the Kims have done for going on three generations, and that’s what has happened in Cuba. Socialism usually ends up working as a mask for a political coup d’etat in which the bureaucracy replaces the aristocracy.


Thor Halvorssen definitely understands this. His father was in jail politically, his mother was killed by the Hugo Chavez regime, and he currently has a cousin that is a political prisoner. Halvorssen understands how socialism ends up destroying the population. But like many Bernie supporters, he seems to be operating under the idea, “well maybe it just will not happen this time. Maybe it will work for us.”


The reason he seems to be operating under this perspective can be derived from an interview he was involved with on Fox News recently, where he said he had given the fullest possible donation he could legally give to the Bernie Sanders campaign. His reasoning was that Bernie, socialist though he may be, is not taking money from already-established dictators like Hillary Clinton (whose name was never mentioned directly).


It seems dichotomous though. Socialism results in human rights abuses which have killed a person’s family, so they fund a socialist to get elected in the country that they live in? It seems like something extremely contradictory. Obviously what Thor Halvorssen knows about Hillary Clinton must be bad indeed.
The election of today seems divided into four categories. Left Bernie, Left Clinton, Right Trump, Right Cruz. Who will end up on the ballot in November?

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White Tee Style

Recently the writers over at Man Repeller shared their guide to the perfect white tee to help us expand our lacking wardrobe. While inspirational, it might just leave you more confused than before. We know white tees are the staple of any wardrobe, since they’re essentially blank canvasses that are flexible enough for a ton of diverse looks.

Man Repeller lists 11 different options for that flashy new tee you need, with choices from square and boxy to long enough to wear as a dress. Which one is right for you, and how the heck do you style it? Pairing a plain white t-shirt with other pieces to make it fashion-worthy can be challenging. Particularly if you’re wondering what to pair with a cropped tee, or how loose is too loose for a tee fit. Plus, what do you do with those long sleeves that could be rolled, but you’re just not sure?

Muddling through the white tee shop might result in a fabulous and put-together outfit, but then again it could end in box sleeved disaster. This is where JustFab swoops in to save the day. Joining JustFab is like having a personal stylist working just for you. They’ll tell you what to wear, and how, so that you look on point and trendy. Stop slogging through sales racks and piecing together whatever seems to flow.

Every outfit from JustFab is curated by their stylists in LA, who obviously know style better than the department store dressing room clerk. Department store markups are nonexistent here, since the designs come straight to you without a middle man. The best part of it is, if you don’t feel like shopping one month, you can pause your membership by skipping an order.

Skip the struggles over wardrobe selection, and check out JustFab for their recommendations. Their fashion know how will save you the white tee frustration and skip right to the great looks. You might just find some fab white tees along with a ton of other trendy pieces.

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