Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Brings The King Of Pop Back To Life

Sergio Cortes is an incredibly talented individual. He can sing, dance, and really move a crowd. He is also the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. He is so good Michael Jackson once hired him as a double. But it is when your see Cortes on stage that you really begin to understand what all the excitement is about. Not only is he a dead ringer for Michael Jackson facially and physically, he also has the moves, the mannerisms, and the voice. Seeing him perform is a breathtaking experience. When he performs Michael Jackson classics like Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Black or White, and Thriller, it’s hard to tell it’s not the king of pop himself.

Born in 1971, Sergio Cortes has been mimicking Michael ever since he was a child growing up in Barcelona, Spain. He has always naturally looked so much like his idol Michael that when he began to mimic his dance moves, voice, and mannerisms, he was an instant sensation. At first Cortes just impersonated Michal for fun. He used his talent to entertain his friends and family. But by the time he was a teenager, people would come from miles around just to see him dance and take his picture.

Journalists from all over Spain began showing up to interview him and write articles about him. When one of them put a video of Cortes impersonating Michael on the internet, he had arrived.

Soon agents were lined up at Cortes’ door trying to get his parents’ permission to represent him. Many people took pictures of him and sold them as authentic Michael Jackson pictures. Crowds began following him around. He was becoming a worldwide sensation. He began to make appearances on live shows and television programs. Sergio Cortes was finally beginning to realize he could have career in entertainment. The best part of it all is that it is a labor of love for Cortes.

These days the 44 year old Cortes tours the world performing to sold out audiences. He lives in Brazil and has millions of adoring fans all over South America. He recently started a concert tour that will take him all over Europe. Die-hard Michael Jackson fans can hardly believe their eyes and ears. They know the king of pop is dead, but Sergio Cortes has given him new life and is bringing his music and his moves to millions.

What Is An Investment Bank

When most of us think about a bank, we think about the friendly bank down the street where we cash our paychecks, draw money from the ATM, or where we write checks from to pay out bills. That is a good description of what is now known as a retail bank. Investment banks, on the other hand, are in the business of providing capital to businesses for use in their growth and expansion.

Investment banks provide several services to their clients. On the one side of the business are the companies that are seeking capital, and the other side are the investors willing to provide it. For the investors, investment banks provide research to help identify which opportunities fulfill the return on investments and risk profiles the investors desire. For the companies seeking capital, investment banks can provide merger and acquisition analysis (M&A), legal assistance in filing notices with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulatory agencies, and again, lots of research and analysis.

The merger and acquisition sections usually get the most glamor and press of any of the investment bank’s functions. In M&A, an investment bank can act as a matchmaker bringing companies with similar goals and strategies together. The bank can also act on behalf of the parties involved to provide analysis on what the companies are worth and what is a fair and reasonable price. Once a deal is made, then the bank may perform what is called due diligence. This phase of the M&A carefully reviews the financial statements, and accounting procedures to ensure the company is as financially sound as it has represented. Due diligence can also sometimes be extended to the logistical or operational parts of a business.

Creating the financing for capital can, at times, become an exercise in creativity. One example of this was the innovation by Jim Dondero of Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO’s). CLO’s are essentially a basket of corporate debts that have been packaged together for investors to purchase. CLO’s are assembled according to several criteria, but usually the criteria in the forefront is risk mitigation. While there is a chance, however slight, that even the biggest and most credit-worthy companies could default on their loan obligations, by packaging loans together this reduces the risk to the investor.

Dondero was a graduate of the Univeristy of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he studied accounting and finance. After graduating with honors, Dondero went to work for Morgan Guaranty in their training program as an analyst. His other work experience included American Express and the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life where he was the Chief Investment Officer. In 1993, Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management, an investment bank with its home office in Dallas, TX. Highland Capital has over $20 billion of assets under management.

In addition to his work at Highlands Capital, Dondero on insidermonkey holds the position of board chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. He also serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. Dondero is very active in charity and spends considerable time supporting education, public policy and veteran affairs.

James Dondero: A Notable Executive In The Credit Markets

The financial credit crisis that hit the economy in 2008 saw several investment banks go bankrupt. The crunch swept away both large and small investment banks while the government rescued others through Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Among those that went bankrupt were the notable Lehman Brothers and the quick sale of Merrill Lynch while those that survived included Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Another one that ought to be on the list is the well-known Highland Capital Management. Despite the lack of regulations imposed on investment banks by Glass-Steagall, Highland’s business model was one to be reckoned since it saw the firm survive the ordeal. Thanks to its founders, Highlands Capital Management got back to its feet, and it is now one of the largest alternative asset managers that focus on high-yield fixed income investments. As of 2014, the firm managed an estimated $18.7 billion of assets and to date it operates offices in London, Singapore, and New York City.

Among its founders is James Dondero, the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management as well as the Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund and his counterpart Mark Okada. Mr. Dondero has a long-time history in the credit market, and it dates back from the University of Virginia where he attained his BS in Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance. Apart from this, he is a Certified Managerial Accountant and also a Chartered Financial Analyst. This knowledge has enabled him undertake various roles in several companies before founding Highlands in 1993. Prior to founding Highlands, Mr. Dondero plied his work with Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as its chief investment officer, where he was tasked with raising and managing at most $2 billion in assets. He was also responsible for managing $1 billion in fixed income funds when he worked for American Express s from 1985 to 1989.

James Dondero’s proficiency in credit markets has earned him a lot of credit and respect in the industry as well as from his peers. His 30 years of experience in portfolio management range from real estate, investment grade corporates, high-yield bonds, emerging market debt, mortgage-backed securities to preferred stocks and common stocks. As an alternative investment manager, Highlands invests in fixed income, global public equity and hedging markets concentrating on structured products, leveraged loans, and high yield bonds. The firm primarily deals with organized investment, hedge funds, and distressed investment.

James Dondero has been successful in credit markets due to his raw ability and intelligence as well as the vast experience he possesses, hard work and dedication to improving his skills. His firm has been through a lot including the 2008 financial crisis where almost eight investors sued it due to the health of the fund at the moment but emerged victorious with no compensation paid to them. Dondero has always been curious and has keenly examined his beliefs in the face of the challenging environment. Throughout his career, James has authentically implemented a hedge in his strategies and has focused on the macro environment and networking as it is an essential part of the markets.

Administrative Law


Some of you might be wondering what type of law this is. This is the type of law that looks over the different types of government. These lawyer tend to deal in government disputes, be it local or federal. This is a very important part of law to practice. The day-to-day dealings of the government can sometimes get out of hand. Each person believes that he/she is in the right. This is why you administrative law.

What are some of the benefits?


This type of law usually gets into areas that are often times overlooked. Each branch of government has gotten bigger. It’s gotten so big that, some people fall through the cracks. This happens a great deal. Administrative law tends to speak for the underdog in government.

Every dispute is often resolved quickly and amicably. With these disputes, there is not reason for anything to get out of hand. There is no reason for either party to behave like spoiled children. Administrative law lends a helping hand when others have let them go.


Cost usually ends up being one of the bigger complaints. Cost is one of the reason why some don’t even do anything. Some are worried about the end costs. Some are worried about paying it all back.

Administrative law takes this all into account. The shorter proceedings is one of the reasons for the lower costs. With administrative law, you are not tying up lots of money. Disputes are taken care of quickly, quietly and without lots of fuss. This turns out to be a good thing for both parties. Both parties walk away with a small bill. The government is not spending lots of money to resolve these small issues. It’s a good thing all the way around.


Administrative law doesn’t take up the judicial aspect of the court. Tribunals are brought in to deal with the problems. Judiciary proceedings are out of the picture. This makes life easier for all involved.

In some cases, there is a lack of evidence to hold a proper hearing. This is a saving grace in the end. Sometimes these decisions are reached before the courts get a hold of it; again, this is a good thing.

Administrative law will not waste the time of the court, unless it is merited.

These are just some of the reasons why Administrative law is a benefit to all. If you live here in South Africa, there is one office that can handle everything you need.


Frans Schoeman is the Director at Phatsima Diamond. If you are in need of their services, please call the office today. Every case is treated with the utmost importance. Frans is highly dedicated and very professional. Give the office a call now. It doesn’t matter if this is a local, state or federal issue here in Africa, Frans can help.

Economists Are The Unsung Heroes Of Venture Capital

Typically speaking, when you read about business tycoons that are involved in venture capital, you read about business strategy, deal-making, vision, wealth, and a variety of other things that are part of the landscape that top performers populate.

What you don’t hear much about in the news are the economists that work at venture capital firms perfecting methods and analysis that help funds to ensure that they grow and are covered in case scenarios change.

Some of these economists represent the top talent available in the country. Christian Broda, who works as an economist at Duquesne Capital is a good example of someone who has published multiple papers on the dynamics of markets and customer behavior. It is his work that has often helped underpin solid financial decision-making on a grand scale. In 2008, one of his papers clearly explained how consumer behavior was positively influenced by the Financial Stimulus payments that were put out by the US Government during the recession. In another piece, a couple of years after that, he collaborated and helped further define the dynamics behind product creation and destruction and why the government statistics that are based upon that part of business activity aren’t necessarily always correct. The notion that there are different behaviors going on behind the scenes when it comes to the amount of product creation and destruction is very important news for those putting millions of dollars of investment into play on a regular basis.

Christian Broda on nber.org is also someone who is very astute at creating models that are more application-oriented, given his history as a director of research at a large investment fund.

In addition to taking data and using it to create analysis that will give venture capitalists an economic advantage, economists are also normally found hard at work on market scenarios. Most venture capital funds spend a lot of time analyzing how they will react with their portfolio decisions whenever there is a change in economic conditions. It is critical that they have the right options in front of them before they start making decisions to move their money to another investment. When the predictive models are working, it can mean the savings of millions of dollars for the venture capitalist who makes the right choice.

Economists are in many ways the unsung heroes of venture capital. It is their analyses and number-crunching that helps to find competitive advantage where others may not see the value that is locked inside a particular investment. For most funds, trying to get by with government data and retail information alone does not allow them to make decisions with the same level of intelligence.

A Nutrititious and Balanced Diet for Your Dog

A dog’s health can be determined by veterinary checkups and exams. But most importantly, your dog’s health is often most relying on its dog food for proper balance like Beneful. Dogs just like humans are omnivores, meaning they can live healthy lives while eating a variety of food. Such as meats, grains, and vegetables can all be part of a dog’s diet. It is essential for a dog to have a nutritious, balanced diet to keep your pet happy and healthy. In a dog’s diet there needs to be the right combination of protein, fat, moisture, fiber, and nutrient. Wrong ingredients can lead to a host of health problems that can affect both mentally and physically. Problems in the digestive system are often times food allergies that many people are unaware off. Obesity is on the rise in dogs, the main reason is overfeeding. How much you can potentially feed your dog depends on three factors age, activity level, and their ideal weight. Dog labels on bags and cans often provide some guidelines on portion size for your pet.

The right combinations and ratios always matter, in which talking with a veterinarian will help determine proper food and how much your dog needs. You have to be on the watch in most foods because; just like human food some have extra additives, food colorings, and words that show no real meat. You dogs life stage should be a factor when choosing a brand. Puppies can develop orthopedic disease when they have far too much calcium in their diet. Senior dogs are less active with exercise such as running, so they often require less protein. The best thing is to ensure that your dog has all the proper nutrients that are needed for a well balanced diet. This will give your pet the best chance at good health. And make sure your dog will not become obese do to over feeding.

Purina Beneful dog food has been taken a step further than any other dog food in competition. Purina has a well trained staff and comes with pet nutritionist’s. They come from universities and have researched for the best ingredients that will keep your dog healthy. Beneful comes with real wholesome ingredients, quality nutrition, and a taste that your dog is going to love. The main ingredients in Beneful are real meats like beef, steak, chicken, and poultry. There is a great deal of vitamins in its rich naturally grown vegetables. Some of the vegetables include corn, dried carrots, dried tomatoes, avocados, spinach, and peas. Some brands even have eggs with real beef as their main ingredients. This not only carries proteins but gives a shiner and healthier coat to ware. With Beneful dog food you are guaranteed to give your dog a wholesome and well balanced diet. The health benefits for dogs are right here in the food that we can give to them. With any dog things can happen to impact health or unforeseen events, but you can increase chances of a healthier life by choosing the best dog food.

The 990 Way of Business

The 990 Company is a real estate company that sells houses. It got its name by offering home sellers a commission as low as $990 rather than the traditional 6% of the house prices. Though it may seem as a loss of income for real estate brokers, it is a proven way and yields much higher income for agents and sells houses faster.

It focuses more on a small target group rather than the usual marketing strategy of targeting as large a group as you can, preferably one’s own social circle. This way, as an agent you get to focus more of your energy and as a result advertise more aggressively in the said target group. This advertisement will ensure that whenever anyone within that social circle is selling, then they consult you as their agent in the hope that they too can save on their payable commissions.

It work in two ways. First, you convince the seller to use the open house policy in addition to the normal agent services that you will offer. This way, whenever the seller has some free time, they can help in finding buyers. In the event that the seller gets a buyer without your intervention then you earn the $990 commission. However, if the agent gets the buyer, then the traditional 6% payable to the real estate agents applies. This does not mean that the agent does less work, it only means that if the seller helps in the selling of the home, then they are rewarded for their efforts by the discounted commissions that they pay.

The brilliance of this strategy is that whenever the seller hosts an open home and finds buyers that did not end up buying their homes for whatever reason, then they can refer them to their agents who may be able to find the perfect home for these buyers. In most cases, home sellers are very happy with these deals that they refer their friends and family to their local 990 sells homes agents. This way, the agents in turn make more money by selling more homes.

Even in the event that buyers do not like the homes they see, the 990 program enables them to describe the homes they are interested in specific detail. This way, through the agent’s networks within the real estate industry, they can get a home that matches the description given by the buyer enabling the agent to deliver the perfect home to such buyers. This enables agents to have potential buyers and enables agents to show multiple buyers a single home rather than the other way around. The 990 Company is available in all states in America and benefits both agents and home sellers.

Who Is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere is a professional makeup artist who has been capable of changing the lives of countless women. As an encouraging woman with dreams of hers that eventually came true, she is a businesswoman with an inspirational gift that is helping people go after their dreams. Deere is the woman behind the company, Lime Crime. This cosmetic makeup brand has worked extensively hard for giving women a new change in the world of makeup. What makes it so unique is how the team behind it has helped give a unique approach for makeup design. Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime all began with Doe wanting to create her own business and give women a new approach to cosmetics.

Doe Deere and her makeup line all began with her wanting to give women a new outlet of makeup to buy to help express their inner self. Deere started with just a couple of hicks under her name. She did not build the brand overnight, but with a simple approach to the business, she built a brand that eventually helped get her name out there fast and easy. She built a huge brand that helped change her life and the lives of women around the world. Deere has been capable of building a brand for women that takes expression, color, and a different look to a whole new level. Deere is truly magical with the way that she delivers quality makeup at prices women can actually afford.

Inspiring Women In Business

Since her business all started with her and the small experience de she had, she wants to help educate people on building their own business. She knows that with hard work, anything can happen. She recommends not quitting your regular job, but to start building your empire while you keep your job to get back on track. Deere wanted to make a makeup brand that could also turn we life around and inspire women to get out there.

Her makeup line is extensively unique because of the way the colors look and come out. She takes things to a whole new level. Her team of avid makeup loving women also helps them make sure that the people behind the scenes can all provide the best information possible. Her brand is one of the most famous in the world today, especially throughout California mainly because this rand has taken over the state. The way it is designed has helped enhance the beauty of the brand.

Doe Deere is somebody that has inspired women and even men to find their niche and businesses. The team behind Lime Crime is extensively experienced and can understand the true process of building quality makeup. Her inspirational wisdom has helped make big changes in cosmetics.

Animal Activism in New York

Animal activism is the aspect of ensuring that all animals have the right to live. All animals are entitled to live and therefore, having their lives put at risk is what results to having animal activists. These are people who voluntarily give themselves to fighting for the rights of animals and ensure their well-being. In this context, new York is one city all over the world that has the experience of animal activism.

In many countries, animals have been treated with the degrading demeanor due to their nature. Many people have mistreated them, and some have killed them for no reasons. In some countries, animals are used as means of transport and in other working environments. Many of them are overworked, and they are left suffering out of injuries and at times die.

Contrary to what used to happen in new York in past years, there has been a total revolution in how animals are handled. Lately, animals in this city enjoy many privileges of life. It is due to the effort made by “Best Friend Animal Society. This organization helps rescue animals and adopt them to their homes. Best Friends has also collaborated with Animal Care and Control (NYC), to create a foster program in New York. This foster program is meant to provide homeless pets from Animal Care and Control of NYC, to find good homes for adoption
This society in collaboration with Strut Your Mutt and Keith Mann also organizes super adoption events in New York. The event is held twice a year and is intended to help many pets from local shelters and rescue groups to find permanent caregivers. Strut Your Mutt in this partnership provides all the financial support to the local animal welfare groups so to enable them carry campaigns and educate the community about the rights of animals.

All these steps that new York city has taken have their reference to one of the greatest animal activists, Keith Mann. He was raised in Rochdale Manchester. He as an animal rights campaigner and writer. In his book: “Dusk ’till Dawn” he talks about animal rights and liberation. In his fight for animal rights, he broke the world record by being sentenced 14 years that later was reduced to 11 years in prison, the longest prison term for an animal activist. This imprisonment happened when he was conspired to have set meat Lorries on fire in 1991, and this made him attract a significant public attention in 1994.

In 2007, he launched “Gateway to Hell” a campaign that aimed at airports, freight firms and ports and that involved in importing animals for experimentation. The authority arrested him in 2003 after removing 695 mice used to test botulinum toxin. Keith Mann has revolutionized the fight for animal rights in new York and its environment that has brought the massive benefits we see today.

My Father Lives In The UK, And He Gets Free Cell Phone Service From FreedomPop

I made some great plans to travel over to the UK for a couple months because my father had just moved on reviews.com to the country from the Caribbean. My father had lived in the Caribbean his entire life, and when he was offered a permanent visa to go over to the UK, I was so happy for him. He decided to take the trip, and he only plans on going back to the Caribbean to visit. My father calls me for everything, even though I don’t live in the UK. He asked me for advice, and I try to tell him whatever I can.

Although he lives with other family members that can help him out, but he seems to trust my advice the most. My father called and asked me if I could help him sign up for cell phone service, and I told him I wouldn’t be able to do that from where I was at. I feel bad that I wasn’t able to help him, but the people he lives with our elderly, and they had never owned a cell phone in their life, so he didn’t know what to do. I told him if he waited until I got to the UK, then I would help him.

Just out of curiosity, I started looking on the Internet for different cell phone companies in the UK, and I was very surprised to find that FreedomPop now has services in the UK. I’m currently a FreedomPop member, and I have their unlimited cell phone service. I knew that my father could use a cell phone, especially since he was stuck using the house phone, and he had to talk to me in front of everyone in the house. Having a cell phone could give him some privacy, and it would allow him to keep the numbers on the phone, instead of him writing them down.

After finding out about the FreedomPop UK service, I directed my father to sign up for it, and he was able to sign up and get the free service. He did have to pay for a cell phone, but he got one that was low in cost, and he was able to turn it on the same day he got it. My father now has FreedomPop cell phone service, and he doesn’t pay anything for the service each month. FreedomPop not only saw the need of people in the USA for low-cost or free cell phone service, but they felt the need to expand the service to other areas, such as the UK. I’m very happy for the fact that FreedomPop helped my father to save money on cell phone service in the UK.